My bicycles

These are my bicycles. All custom built from various parts, since the factory finished complete bicycles are never 100% suited to my needs and taste.  🙂

White Arrow

Scott Speedster - custom built

Scott Speedster – custom built

Great for longer distances on paved roads.
Scott Speedster S20 FB frame – for hybrids.
28 mm tyres – the thinnest I find practical for riding.
Mudguards, because it might not be water.  🙂
Rear rack for carrying backpack and panniers.
Full Shimano 105 3×10 groupset.

As of 2015 groupset switched to 2×8 Claris – cheaper and more robust.



The Mule a.k.a. Pink Thing

The Mule a.k.a. Pink Thing

Beach Cruiser 🙂

Serbian made steel frame from 1996. All other components have been replaced in the meantime, except handlebars, rear rack, shifters and front derailleur.
3×6 friction shifting – works flawless.
In the winter it gets studded front tyre and is ridden in snow too.  🙂
Shimano Deore V-brakes, Alivio bottom bracket – it is a gem in disguise.

Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser

Made of thrown away parts in service. Front tube was the only investment – because 24″ tubes aren’t replaced that often, so didn’t have any spares to patch. It rides and brakes OK.

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